Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does the Neck Right™ Intelligent Neck Massager work?
It works by using a combination of low frequency electrical impulses, consistent heat and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. 

Multiple kneading massage nodes deliver gentle warmth and electrical pulsations 3 to 5 centimeters below the skin. This results in more blood flow to problem areas and the release of natural pain killers called endorphins.  

  • How do I use it?

To experience the best massage experience, please tie up any hair and remove any necklaces. We suggest using a wet towel to moisten your skin in advance.

Simply place the Neck Right around the back of your neck ensuring the electrodes are in contact with your skin, and turn the device on via your remote controller. Using the controller select different massage modes and adjust the levels of intensity to where is most comfortable for you. We recommend using for 15 minutes each day for best results!

  • Who is NOT SUITABLE for using Neck Right™

It is safe for most people however we recommend that some groups of people avoid TENS treatment unless a doctor advises its use.

Pregnant women

People with epilepsy: Applying electrodes to the head or neck of people with epilepsy may induce seizures. 

People with heart problems.

People with a pacemaker or another type of electrical or metal implant.

  • How do I charge it?

Its easy! The Neck Right devices come with a USB charger, so simply plug it into the device and then into any USB port. Once fully charged it will last up to 8 hours!

  • Does it hurt because of the electricity?

The rated working voltage is 5V which is far lower than the international safety voltage standard 36V. The device uses pulses technology so you will feel a mild electric flow and heat sensation, but it wont hurt you. You can adjust the levels of intensity to where is most comfortable for you.

  • Will it fall off easily?
No, the Neck Right™ devices have an ergonomic “L” shape design. It will fit more tightly on your neck than the regular neck massagers. 

  • Is it Waterproof?

No, the Neck Right™ devices are not waterproof. You can take it with you anywhere just don't get it wet!

  • How do I clean it?

Simply use a disinfectant wipe or damp paper towel and leave to air dry while not in use. Ensure the power is switched off.

  • After use my skin is red and irritated, is this normal?

Although it is normal to experience slight redness after use, any excessive irritation can be caused by the following:

The massaging time may be too long or the intensity you set is too strong. We recommend using for 15 minutes each day and not exceeding 30 minutes. Intensity should be set at a comfortable level your body can endure.

The electrode plates are not in contact with your skin properly. Make sure your hair is tied up and any necklaces are removed before use.

Your neck is dry. Make sure the skin of your neck is well moistened. Before using the massager, we suggest that you moisten your neck with a wet towel in advance.

  • What are your Shipping times?

We offer free worldwide shipping + tracking information on all orders. For delivery in Australia you can expect to receive your order in 2-5 days and for international shipping is approximately 12-22 days. Your tracking number will be sent to your after your order has been processed. You can visit our Shipping & Delivery page for more information.


  • Where are you located?

We are an Australian owned and operated company. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Australia.


  • Shipping of Pre-Orders?
For all preorders, please note that the 'dispatch by ...' date is a guide and the items are often shipped before this date.  



  • Why does it automatically turn off while its working?

The Neck Right devices both have a default setting that will automatically turn itself off after 15 minutes of use. It will do the same thing when the battery is low and if it is taken off without any operation for 60 seconds.


  • My Neck Right™ won't turn on, is it broken?

Either it may lack power - When you receive your Neck Right™ device please fully charge it before using.


The massager is charging - Do not use it while charging.


  • I have started using my Neck Right™ but I cant feel it?

The Neck Right™ devices both have 15 intensity levels. The default intensity setting is the first strength level. You can adjust it as needed with your remote.

Ensure the skin on the back of your neck is damp enough with water, and the metal electrodes are in full contact with your skin.

  • What is the difference between the Neck Right™ and the Neck Right™ Pro?

Both devices use the same combination of low frequency electrical impulses, consistent heat and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to deliver an amazing massage. The main points of difference are below:

The Neck Right™ Pro's remote control features an LED screen and intelligent voice tips which assists with the use of the device and making it easier to select your preferred settings. 

The Neck Right™ Pro also features a drawstring carry bag so that you are able to transport and store the device much easier! 

For further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!